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welcome to a progressive website

Progressive Topics

Please Stand By—More To Come. Having just published the first installment of Explanation Nation on 15 May 2017, I will be working hard on the next one, as well as many relevant topics covering our present predicament from all perspectives. That means in the near term (e.g., McConnell-Trump versus Bernie-Hillary), plus in a Bigger History sense (e.g., how the ancient Roman republic crumbled from democracy into the absolute tyranny of augusti or emperors). Another topic will be how the same decline that killed Roman democracy (on which our republic is modeled) seems to be doing a job on us. That process is baked into our human social DNA, so that we are as prone to those problems as the Romans were 2,000 years ago after they became the only surviving superpower in the Mediterranean (after the Third Punic War, which ended 146 BCE).

List of Topics Will Appear Here Soon. I will be traveling in Europe for a month, and probably out of touch (by design as well as circumstances); part business, part vacation. Departing on 15 May, and due to return mid-June, I give it a 50-50 that Mitch and his evil minions will have removed Donald Trump from office, now that they have Garland down, Obama gone, Hillary out, Trump in, and Gorsuch on the Supreme Kart. That leaves only tidying up now that Dump has outlived his usefulness to the Corporate Health Denial Industry and its go-to guys like Crooked Mitch. Will there be an impeachment, or a bipartisan implementation of the 25th Amendment maybe growing out of a special prosecutor? I don't imagine a malignant narcissist like Trump would ever take a hint and resign, like Tricky Dick realized he must or face criminal proceedings. And let's not put anything past the U.S. national holocaust architects; one can imagine a convenient plane crash, or some of Putin's ubiquitous poisoning attacks. One way or another, Trump will be gone soon. Crooked Mitch will be gloating his evil grin from ear to ear again, knowing his corporate pimps will pay him well for his services.

History Does Not Repeat Itself. One often hears that glib bit of irony, and it sounds good, except it's not really true. History is not a mechanism or clockwork that magically rewinds itself every x number of years to start over. History is simply a record of what humans did in the past. The illusion of a repeating mechanism is caused by the fact that human nature never changes. Human societies do the same things over and over again, hence the illusion of a mechanical repeating mechanism to which we are enslaved. If anything, we are enslaved to the greed of the overly ambitious and ruthless few who own much and seek to own it all; the mob of ignorant dupes who can't think for themselves, have no information, can't understand anything complex, and seek all their answers in the pandering, simplistic ravings of bullies—Trump, Milosevic, Hitler, Mussolini, Savonarola, Putin, Assad, Julius Caesar, Napoleon III, and endless list of blathering demagogues whose false, brutal solutions always result in a horizon-to-horizon field of rubble and death, as Hitler left Germany, which had been the world's most advanced society in so many ways.


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