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Above all, I will dedicate this website in hope of helping all US citizens achieve the freedom and human rights already enjoyed by citizens in every other modern, industrialized nation. I earned my MS in Business Administration while serving honorably for five years in Cold War Europe. I'm not an opponent of corporations; rather, a strong supporter; but I am a moderate centrist who knows, from long and scholarly studies of Big History, that every system has its flaws. The only system that can endure for any length of time is one that has a balance of all powerful interests: the People (labor), Business (which is not always the solution, but is often the problem), Government (which does have some of the solutions, contrary to the lies of Ronald Reagan); and I'll add an intangible fourth force, combining all of our unspoken spiritual and artistic needs in Education and Culture.

Dedications. I could name many wonderful people to dedicate this work to, so I'll just name a few: the heroic woman warrior Sally Yates (a fine Southern lady) who stood up to the lies and filth of Reaganistas Trump and McConnell among their plentiful ilk; the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, who led a strong, early push for humane, moral medical care (universal health care, removing all corporate profit); the Rev. Martin Luther King, a martyr who taught us that we can achieve great progress through peaceful resistance to tyranny, which is crippled by its own vices including hatred, bigotry, cruelty, and violent ignorance as the opposite of all real Christian values; Sen. Bernie Sanders, a strong advocate of progressive causes and independent thinking, especially in the struggle to achieve universal health care rights in a backward society still mired in cruel puritanical village ideations manipulated for corporate profits; and our 45th President, Hillary Rodham Clinton, a champion of universal healthcare, whose legitimate popular election was stolen by Crooked Mitch and his corporate owners, in order to prevent us from having universal health care and they do not care if they destroy the U.S. and its democratic values along the way.


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