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Nonfiction (Serious Analysis) by John T. Cullen

Note: Of John T. Cullen's many novels and nonfiction books and stories or articles, certain relevant political thrillers and books will be displayed on this website. It's not just advertising—the novels are parables relevant to a progressive viewpoint so badly needed in today's USA, lurching into tomorrow full of yesterday's corporate and fundamentalist lies and propaganda.

=  Explanation Nation or EX-NAX  =

What This Website Is Mainly About. I'll keep the commentary on this page to a minimum because this struggle is a center piece of this website—We the People and Jesus versus McConnell, Gingrich, the Bush dynasty, the corporate-funded Tea Party and Trump's brainless bully mob, and all the many well-financed and propaganda-drenched octopus tentacles of the Corporate Party and our U.S. National Holocaust creating vast profits (blood money) from Health Care Denial.

Drive the Corporate Party and their Pimps Out of Government. If we do not have a revolution at the ballot box, as suggested by (among others) Bernie Sanders, we will have a revolution into tyranny at the hands of Reaganism. That (Reaganism) is a toxic, destructive pack of lies elevating the ruthless corporations to god-like power, while driving over the People, the government, and anyone else who stands in the way of limitless profits.

Tyranny Now Global, No Longer Just Corporate USA. With the end of the Cold War in 1992, there has also been a major turn in Big History. The 500-year Christian-centric, European-centric hegemony of absolute world tyranny is not coming to an end—it is long over. The biggest turning point was the suicide of Europe in two world wars, now over half a century ago. The absurd 'exceptionalists' (actually delusionalists) were able to peddle their false doctrine for quite a while longer in the afterglow of the U.S.' unprecedented world domination in the latter half of the 20th Century. Around 1950, the U.S. produced about 66% (two thirds) of the world's total output (then called GNP, now GDP). We became a world empire during the Gilded Age, when among other things we seized the sovereign nation of Hawai'i and most of Spain's global empire. Our billionaire heiresses married into declining but prestigious English imperial titles, making us what I call 'the English empire Part 2." I don't say 'British' for good reasons. The most famous of these heiresses became the U.S. mother of Sir Winston Churchill—Jenny Jerome, from a zillionaire New York City family that still has avenues and parks and other infrastructure named after it in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and elsewhere (you've probably driven on Jerome Avenue; now you know. The name Jerome is also given to the mining town in Arizona that they once owned. Those are just a few quick examples of the hidden history we ought to know better (and I'm still learning, believe me).

So again, this website in general will delve into issues like Corporate Health Care Denial, Reaganism, our ongoing national holocaust, and in general the toxic Reaganista tyranny that has insidiously taken over our country. I mean, it's obvious, right? Corporate money and Corporate Party corruption have stolen two elections from us in less than two decades, and you can bet they'll loot the entire store if we let them. And note, it's now a global oligarchy that's looting the US, covered up by Criminal Antonin Scalia and his ilk in the form of a venomously named Citizens United, which is neither of the Citizens and it's the opposite of United. That's the utterly insulting and misleading name they gave their coverup for dark money flowing to Mitch McConnell and every last Corporate Republican from places like China, India, Europe, and even Mexico. Donald Dump and his bully mob of violent air heads may hate the Mexicans, but I'm sure they don't know that for much of the last decade, the wealthiest man in the world has been a Mexican—Carlos Slim Helu. If you're in your trailer, talking hate on the cell phone with your fellow KKK accomplices, chances are you are paying cell phone fees to this Mexican guy. Ironic, what stupidity and ignorance will accomplish.


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