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Selective List

Three Books Currently Available. More will be added to the list of progressive thriller fiction (Novels) or nonfiction (NF)

Explanation Nation or EX-NAX ( NF 2017)

Valley of Seven Castles, a Luxembourg Thriller (Novel 2016)

CON2: The Generals of October (Novel 1992)

Of the titles listed above, Explanation Nation is so far the only nonfiction book in this category, although I have published history-oriented nonfiction (e.g., Lethal Journey about an 1892 true crime—famous ghost legend at the Hotel del Coronado near San Diego). I plan to make it the first of a series, with more EX-NAX articles and books to follow starting summer 2017.

CON2: The Generals of October (also titled at some point CON2: Autumn of the Republic) was my 1992 stab at figuring out (in detail, as never before) what would really happen if the U.S. had a Second Constitutional Convention. This is primarily a thought experiment so, even if you are literal-minded and simply don't believe it's possible (but Trump wasn't possible either, and neither is the ongoing U.S. national holocaust that murders over 45,000 citizens a year for the sake of corporate profit and Corporate Party payola receipts. In my scenario, CON2 kicks off with a disaster in that the convention delegates have a form of diplomatic or legislative immunity. That means the radicals among them will hijack the convention, while the rest of the nation stands helplessly by. That's because CON2 by its nature will be outside all laws and governmental branches. The generals who step in to "help" are Mitch McConnell's sort of ruthless, amoral, murdering individuals who try to orchestrate a coup d'etat instead of rescuing us from ourselves. Clue: happy ending (aside from those who die) but let's not ever allow CON2 to happen.

Valley of Seven Castles, a Luxembourg Thriller is my first (and the world's first) Progressive Thriller. I wrote and published it in early 2016, never guessing that the Corporate Republicans would complete their Reaganist takeover of the United States. This novel is not only a global parable with the pacing of The Bourne Identity based on the plot structure of John Buchan's 1915 thriller The Thirty-Nine Steps and made into not one but two classic Hitchcock movies (read this book to find out). It is also a powerful statement about the suffering of the U.S. people under the tyranny of Mitch McConnell's pimps in the Corporate Health Denial Industry.

Other titles will be added soon from the John T. Cullen library. I'll add more commentary (journaling) as time goes by, because there is a lot to observe, especially in our ongoing national train wreck orchestrated by Mitch McConnell and all the Corporate Republican Party nomenklatura.


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