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= Brainxit =

First Brexit, Now Brainxit

Having Fun. The real info is at Explanation Nation (click the cover at right).

Believe it or Not: There is a logical explanation for this entire insanity. Stand by for the whole magilla.

HINT: Follow the money. It's all about money, and the bottomless depravity of the corporate republicans, their corrupt corporate-republican stooges in government, and the vast corporate machinery (now global) behind it all. At the bottom, though, it's human nature at work, and I'll trace this monstrous trope back thousands of years. You'll see the wisdom of our Framing (Founding) Fathers at work, and how their genius has been subverted by crooks from the very start. We'll follow the money, and the lights will go on—only in this house, someone is home. Unlike the palace of the Orange Mullet and Mike Peanuts.

Don't Be Nervous. I actually offer solutions. I'm an MBA type (Boston University) and I'm not an enemy of corporations or business. Far from it. I just think things have gotten totally out of control, and we need to start fixing it. The Framing Fathers in 1787 gave us the right tool: the U.S. Constitution. We need a revolution at the ballot box (legal and bloodless) as recommended in their own separate but equal ways by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Donald Dump: Monster Mash. The Orange Mullet is offering only one thing: to make his ego and his wallet richer. it's not even a revolution, though history tells us the result could be another vast blood bath for nothing, as happened, with Hitler, Mussolini, Milosevic, and a whole lot of other demagogues most people have never heard of but need to learn about right now. Like Napoleon III, the preposterous clown prince who destroyed France in the 1850s-1870s. No, not Napoleon Bonaparte, another megalomaniac and mass murderer who was his uncle (half a century earlier). We'll learn all about these guys, and their crimes, and how they destroyed the world.

Like Trump and Pence seem about to, but I predict that a dark hand (global corporations) is about to stop the bus. I have surprising news about corporate plans for Donald Dump and Mike Peanuts(using their payola prostitutes in Congress, the corporate-republicans, every last republican in the government, with Elmer Fudd's evil twin Mitch McConnell in the lead). Trump will be booted of the bus as soon as his usefulness is over, and I'm going to tell you exactly when that will be. Mike Peanuts will become the next W—another delusional clown prince, a pliable, stupid tool of his owners, filled with creationist certainties that he is absolutely wrong about. Stand by. Lots more to come including details, numbers, and facts to back it all up. And I'm not talking about "alternative facts" that these preposterous Dumpsters are jawing about.


believe it or not, there is a logical explanation for this insanity; stand by for the whole magilla; HINT: Follow the money