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= Brainxit =

welcome to a progressive website

Welcome from John T. Cullen, a Progressive Author.

As promised on my [personal website], I will use this website as my outlet for progressive opinions. I've been a passionate advocate of universal health care since I had a personal tragedy while stationed as a young U.S. Army enlisted soldier in Cold War Europe. That is a deeply personal matter (think Jimmy Kimmel) but I lived the situation, and experienced the amazing difference between the lies and cruelty of the U.S. corporate health care denial system (our ongoing national holocaust) versus the refreshing and liberating freedom of a country (West Germany at the time) where health care is not a privilege for the uppermost caste of a brainwashed slave society, but a fundamental human right for every man, woman, child, and infant. Point in Fact: The first nation in history to have universal health care was (are you ready?) imperial Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm I and Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, starting in 1883. It works great, is cheaper, has better outcomes, and nobody will go bankrupt, be maimed by profit-based medical decisions, or be murdered (45,000 a year in the United States) from health care denial (after they have everything they own stolen from them). The only way we can turn this system around, and make it work for us instead of against us, is if we vote all the Corporate Republicans out office, shut down the health denial industry (laughingly called "health insurance"), and tell the corporate media to either start telling the truth or get out of town (not just Fox Lies, but CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, all of them who cover up for our corporate owners). And maybe we'll just put Mitch McConnell (for starters) in prison for his endless treason including getting our national credit rating downgraded through all of his government shutdowns; his destructiveness toward our military readiness and economic well-being all the name of stopping health care reform at any cost; denying Obama's legitimacy as President; stopping moderates from being appointed judges (e.g., Merrick Garland); and engineering the overthrow of popularly elected U.S. President Hillary Clinton in favor of a corporate dreck named Trump. I'll give you to scoop (poop scoop?) on that as well: the plan has been to oust Hillary, kill health care reform, get Gorsuch (Scalia II) into the Supreme Kart, get rid of Donald Dump when his usefulness is over, and put in another Halloween mask like Bush 43 (medieval creationist and dirty energy stooge Mike Pence). Oh yeah, we have a lot of work to do if we want to rescue what's left of our United States democracy.

Major Premise. I will show on this website how, as Reaganism deepened between 1980 and 1992, so that the Corporate Party was able to control Congress for nearly the first time in half a century, the corporations have been sliming above all Hillary Clinton, the strong and shining woman warrior who wanted only to bring universal health care to every U.S. citizen as a fundamental human right. Yes, we can afford it. No, it's not evil socialism or communism or death panels or any of the other false Halloween concepts used by the corporate health care denial industry to scare people into running away from all the things that are their rights and benefits—not just universal health care, which everyone else in the industrialized world has; it's better, cheaper, and more effective than our national holocaust. Likewise, under Reaganism, which is simply a more subtle but just as brutal form of blunt-force demagoguery, the usual oligarchic propaganda has turned ordinary folks away from labor unions, workplace safety, and every other human right that cuts into ruthless corporate profits. I'll have a lot more to say about how the Corporate Party has effected the loss of millions of jobs, so everything we buy is now made in China or India. Increasingly, workers are forced to work multiple part-time jobs (even in progressive California) so that their corporate employers like Starbucks and Barnes & Noble (to name just two of many) don't have to give them a few small, lousy, stinking benefits like minimal health care (actually less health care denial), a few vacation days, maybe a kind word now and then; it's just so heartbreaking to me, as an old man who worked during the better days of our nation, to see our workers' living standards slipping into a medieval sewer of tyranny, denial, and cruelty. No system is perfect, but the other countries all have what we cannot seem to get from our corporate oligarchs—even the press, which is not really free or fair or truthful, but keeps us behind a vast Berlin Wall of ignorance so we really never know how bad things are.

Informing, Changing Minds. Since I became personally, strongly plugged into the health care discussion many years ago, I have been able to track how the powerful and dishonest corporations have taken over the United States (government and all) under the toxic and destructive corporate tyranny espoused by Reaganism. The Reaganists ("government is not the solution; government is the problem; we intend to replace government with corporations" (and they have, pretty much). However, democracy in the United States is not quite dead yet, despite two stolen elections in just the past sixteen years, covered up and papered over with lies and platitudes that don't make sense and don't hold water. As was the case when the ancient Roman republic (the model for our U.S. republic), democracy was eroded and destroyed by corporate voraciousness, but even in the early empire, the pretense of democracy persisted. I've often wondered who our Caesar, our Pompey, our Catiline might be. Now we know. There has been a long string of demagogues and pretenders, from Nixon to Reagan to the Bush dynasty and more recently Mitch and Trump (yes, I will show how those two monsters especially are joined at the neck, one hydra with two screeching corporate heads).


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Progressive Horizon USA. In creating this website, and the better world it hopes to bring us all through truth and humane values, I found a nice slogan that's more positive than 'brainxit,' which obviously is a darkly funny take on the final saga of the former English empire as they undergo one last populist projective barf before finally facing reality. I'll talk about all that as well, so please stand by. Great things can happen for us if we stick together and oppose tyranny—especially the lies spread by Mitch McConnell, the Corporate Party (laughingly called 'republicans' which was at once time the party of Abraham Lincoln; so ironic that Reagan could suck even the blind Dixiecrat horde of lemmings into their hated enemy's wing; which shows the power of lies and propaganda in convincing rudderless people to sink their own boats while their tormentors laugh all the way to the bank. Oh yeah, we have a *lot* to talk about, so stand by.